The Academia Xilotheque



The Norway spruce used for the soundboard of violins and other strings comes from the Paneveggio State Forest, apaneveggiostefanotroncolso known as “Forest of Violins” or “Forest of the Trees that Resound” for the particular selection of the best logs of resonant wood already at the time of Stradivari.
Thanks to a cooperation with the Paneveggio and Cadino Forestry Corps, the Academia Cremonensis has created its own xylotheque.

When the logs are barked and bucked into rounds (cut up into cylindrically shaped lengths) are split by hand, chopping radially along the grain into wedge shaped pieces called “billets”. The “billets” are stored in a cool area away from direct sunlight for 6-7 months to seasoning in a natural way.
It’s at this stage that the wood come from the Paneveggio Forest to the Academia Cremonensis’ xylotheque, where it is stored and dried to be used in the future by our students.