Support the Academia


Academia Cremonensis cello on a workbench

You can support the Academia Cremonensis in different ways:

Become a Benefactor

Giving a contribution of at least € 10,000 your picture (or that of a person dear to you) will be exhibited in our Academia. Thanks to your support, the dreams of young talents begin to fly high and can be realized.

Donate a Scholarship 

Your contribution will help a student to realize his dream, supporting his studies at the Academia Cremonensis of Cremona. Periodically yoregala gli attrezziu will be sent updates and pictures about his career, his goals and you will have helped to pass on the ancient art of Stradivari.

Give the tools 

With a contribution of € 500 you provide a student with his tools. They will accompany him on his path of study and also in his future workshop.

Become a Friend of the Academia Cremonensis

If you love music and art and want to share our efforts and our philosophy, give your free contribution. Help us to transform our students into the Keepers of the Art of Stradivari.




Fondazione Lucchi, Cremona, Italia
scholarships for lutherie and bow making students



Grandi Liutai Italiani, Cremona, Italia
donation of educational material for violin making



Lucchi Cremona, Cremona, Italia
donation of educational material for bow making




Fondazione Città di Cremona, Cremona, Italia
support for the project Liuteria: non c’è disabilità



fondazioneBancaPopolareDiCremonaFondazione Banca Popolare di Cremona, Italia
support for the social and cultural project


Notaio Gianluppi, Avv. Marco, Cremona, Italia
support for the project

Spadari Fabio Cornici, Cremona, Italia
donation of frames and commemorative inscriptions

Paolo Rossetti e famiglia, Prosito, Ticino, Svizzera
support for the project

To make your donation, to arrange another way to help us, or for more information please contact us at