Our Masters


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Master Bow Maker Ichiro Tsutsumi

IMG_3539Born in Tokyo he soon passionated at the construction of musical instruments enrolling the School of Violin Making ESP Musical Academy. Upon graduation he focused on the restoration and construction of stringed instruments specializing and becoming the director of the course of violin making in the same school he attended. He moved to Cremona where he attended the course of bow making CFP of the Lombardia Region under the guidance of Master Giovanni Lucchi and he graduated with honors. He won numerous awards in violin making with his instruments and worked closely with Master Lucchi, who particularly appreciated him for his precision in processing and from who he learned the secrets that the Master Lucchi has perfected over 40 years of experience on the bows. He currently teaches bow making according to the “Lucchi Method” at the Academia Cremonensis.


Master Bow Maker Antonella Soffiantini


Born in Cremona. Immediately after attending the IPIALL school at the Palace of Art (now the Violin Museum), very young in 1992 she began to work in the laboratory of Master Giovanni Lucchi in Cremona. In 20 years of close collaboration with Master Lucchi, she matured her skills and abilities specializing in restoration techniques and bow finishing (wrapping, varnishing, engraving, horsehair). She was engraving and varnishing teacher at the course of bow making CFP of the Lombardia Region and she currently teaches varnishing techniques in the bow making courses at the Academia Cremonensis.