Giovanni Lucchi



Inside the Museo del Violino in Cremona are preserved some specimens of bows belonging to Master Giovanni Lucchi, founder of Italian bow making. Initially trained as a double bassist, he becomes a bow maker more out of necessity than out of choice. He quiIl Maestro Giovanni Lucchickly realizes that although out of necessity, his bow making ability is actually second nature to him. He studies and learns the techniques and methods of processing bows more than the actual teachings of two Master bow makers of the time, Swiss Siegfried Finkel and Italian Arturo Fracassi. In 1976 various institutions from Cremona ask him to open, next to the world renowned Violinmakers School of Cremona, the first Italian School for Bow making. It is in this period that Master Lucchi unleashes his total passion, dividing his time between the high quality craftsmanship of bow making and his teachings. He leaves nothing to chance : handing down all his knowledge to his students not leaving out any secrets pertaining to any of his discoveries, in his profession as a bow maker he deepens every aspect of this art: from his research into the best woods, to the most suitable horsehair, to the most detailed restoration. He goes as far as reaching technological analyses which allow him to find scientific answers to main questions regarding his field.
> Creative and innovative like his inspiration, François Tourte, founder of the French bow making movement and refined like Eugene Sartory, from whom he gets his sense of aesthetic taste, Master LucchLucchi bass bow i is constantly striving to find the best sounds produced by wood. Just as François Tourte had done, he bases his work on continuous experiments and empirical tests on all the materials and instruments at his disposal, even going as far as voluntarily using them in an improper fashion.
> His constant research for answers to every scientific phenomenon that constantly arise, whether consciously or subconsciously, allow him not only exceptional results in bow making but also safe and measurable systems for the identification of the best materials.