Juik Kim – Reasons of my application

I’m conservatory graduate in clarinet in Busan, Korea, where I was teaching clarinet.

A Korean friend of mine used to tell me about his life and his violin making studies in Cremona, and I found them very fascinating because it was the other side of the music….

So I decided to come to Cremona to visit this town, so famous for lutherie and native land of the main violin makers ever existed, Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù.

Once in Cremona I visited several workshops and the environment was wonderful. In that period I met Master Giovanni Colonna who talked to me about the Academia Cremonensis. Well, it was the place I was looking for, where I could have learned either violin and bow making, completing my music development. Back to Korea I started the procedure for my relocation to Cremona.”

Juik Kim