Jessica Chiappani – reasons of my application


Since I was a child, I’ve loved the crafts “world”, creating with hands, thanks to my grandfather who passed me his passion for wood, which was his favourite hobby.

When I was about thirteen, after attending for three years a course of violin, I developed a passion for the violin making and I threw myself headlong into lutherie enrolling in the violin making public school in Cremona. After graduating I decided to increase my knowledge and I asked to enrol in the Academia Cremonensis, with the intent of learning a new constructive method, different from the one I knew: the traditional Cremonese method called Sacconi Method. At Academia I can go deeper into this art, so infinite and complete, in which everyone, starting from ancient methods, elaborates its own, customized. And the study never ends, every day you learn something new.”

Jessica Chiappani