Three Year Violin Making Course


Three-year applied Violin Making Courseworking on a cello in cremona Academia

THREE-YEAR APPLIED VIOLIN MAKING COURSE according to the Sacconi method

The principal focus of the program is on violin making but apprentices also receive basic knowledge regarding instrument set-up, cleaning and maintenance, some basics of Italian and English languages, sales techniques and business start-up as it refers to the violin making activity.

Our students also participate in the meetings and workshop at the Violin Museum.

At the end of the course, after an exam, the student receives the regional competence of violin maker, valuable in all the UE, according to the Classic Cremona Method, internal mould with purfling when the body is closed.


– Knowledge and practice of using the main equipment: squaring with the plane, carving with gouge, chisel and knife, cutting with saw, Japanese coping saw, frame saw, file and scraper

– Tools sharpening techniques

– Choice of the wood: The Master will explain to the student the choice of Paneveggio red spruce for the belly and the Bosnia flamed maple for the back, the ribs and the head

– Choice of the internal mould: the internal mould around which the instrument will be built will be selected by the master following the student’s explanation

– Chronological processing: all works will be performed by the student followed by the Masters, according to his learning and achievement skills:

– placing the bloks

– hot curving of the ribs, previously prepared,

– gluing of the ribs completed by the linings,

– jointing of the belly and jointing of the back with glue,

– moulding and arching of the belly and the back

– closing of the body

– belly and back purfling

– channelling the edges and the corners

– neck/scroll making

– setting the neck

– finishing by the scraper

– varnish making

– varnishing

– set up and sound test


Applicant must be adult.

Before starting the course he must pass an entrance interview with the Masters responsibles, in Italian or English.

Woodworking experience or ability is desirable but not necessary; on the contrary great respect for each others activity, tools and creations is essential. Punctuality is also mandatory. For foreigners, possession of an appropriate residence permit is a prerequisite for attending the course. To whose who still not have it at the time of enrolment, the school provides an invitation letter to be presented to the Italian Embassy in the county of origin, along with the other required documents, to obtain a visa for study.

To pupils who do not have their own tools, the Academia requires to buy them during the first days of the course.

The Academia does not provide housing but assistance can be offered in finding student housing to all those who request our help in advance.

Students practice 5 hours of laboratory a day, 6 days a week, 10 months a year.


To attend the Academia Cremonensis, students must complete the application form and send it back to


The Academia Cremonensis accepts total or partial payment of the fees through scholarships given by private or public foundations or institutions.

The Lucchi Foundation of Cremona, among the supporters of the Academia Cremonensis, offers at its discretion various grants and scholarships to students enrolled in violin and bow making course at the Academia Crmeonensis. Students who wish to apply are urged to contact the Foundation through its website

The Foundation will have complete control over the scholarships during the course in order to fully evaluate each student’s merit and in agreement with the Academia Cremonensis will be free to discontinue any scholarship to a recipient if student’s behaviour is deemed undeserving.

For further information, contact the school by phone, tel. n. +39 0372 750661 or by e-mail at the address