Two Year Bow Making Course


according to the Lucchi Method



At the end of the course the student receives a certificate of attendance of the course, with the special Mention of specialization in bow making according to the Lucchi Method, acquired at the Academia Cremonensis of Cremona.

The candidate must be adult.
Woodworking experience or ability is desirable but not necessary; on the contrary great respect for each others activity, tools and creations is essential. Punctuality is also mandatory.
For foreigners, possession of an appropriate residence permit is a prerequisite for attending the course. To those who still not have it at the time of enrollment, the school provides an invitation letter to be presented to the Italian Embassy in the country of origin, along with the other required documents, for visa to study.
To pupils who do not have their own tools, the Academia requires to buy them during the first days of the course.
The Academy does not provide housing but assistance can be offered in finding student housing to all those who request our help in advance.

Students practice 4 hours a day of laboratory, for 5 days a week, for 10 months a year.

To attend the Academy, students must complete the pre-enrollment Application Form and send it to

The Academia Cremonensis accepts total or partial payment of the fees through scholarships given by private or public foundations or institutions.
The Lucchi Foundation of Cremona, one of the supporters of the Academia Cremonensis, offers at its discretion, various grants and scholarships to students enrolled in violin and bow making courses at the Academia. Students who wish to apply are urged to do so by contacting the Foundation through its website . The Foundation will have complete control over the scholarships during the course in order to fully evaluate each student’s merit and in agreement with the Academia Cremonensis, will be free to discontinue any scholarship to a recipient if  a student’s behavior is deemed undeserving of said scholarship.