Catherine Fleming – reasons of my application


I fell in love with the violin at an early age and began violin lessons at age 9, but I stopped playing after 6 years to focus on academics.

In 2003, I had an experience that changed my life goals. I had enjoyed helping my father in his woodshop as a child, so I volunteered to help out in a friend’s electric bouzouki (Greek musical instruments) workshop. I learned a bit about woodworking and electric instrument construction, but more importantly, I learned that it is possible to study instrument making and pursue lutherie as a career.

Unfortunately, in 2003, I did not have the financial means to study violin making, but in 2016, I was finally able to apply to the Academia Cremonensis for the 3-year Violin Making Course.

I am looking forward to learning traditional methods of violin-making and I am excited to be able to combine my love of the violin’s sound and form with my interests in woodworking and travel.

Cassie Fleming