Assembly course of a Violin Kit, Model Stradivari


During the course a special kit will be used.

Product description

Assembly kit of Stradivari violin

Cremona Italian Violin parts, classic model Stradivarius, original in wood, 1:1 scale model for introduction to violin making, with accessory by ebony. Once fully assembled, the violin can be played.

Just assembly kit € 299

Assembly Course of a Stradivari violin kitbambinicorsomontaggio

The Master Luthier will describe the parts composing the kit and, for each one, will indicate the correct name and the assembly sequence.

Participants will learn the correct names of the necessary tools and their correct use making tests on other wood materials first, and then operating directly on the kit parts.

Aptitude and manual skill of each one will lead to different results.

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The schedule of the courses can be agreed in different days and times, personalizing them according to the participants needs.

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