Complete Course of Spanish Guitar Making


Complete Course of Spanish Guitar Making


Organized by the Academia Cremonensis at:

Glissando, Spanish guitar-making school in Madrid.

C/ Castillo n° 4, Local Izq.

Madrid, España.

This course covers the entire process of making a quality Spanish guitar, following the processes and criteria of the luthier craftsmen of Madrid.

Concentrated in an estimated eight weeks, this type of training allows to learn the entire process in the quickest and also most advantageous way.

At the end of the course, each student gets his own guitar, built for himself with the close supervision of the master luthier, for a live enjoyment.

Classes are taught in groups of five; each student in class has a workbench and a full set of tools.

Training is practical, learning by actually building a guitar, with some explanatory sessions guiding the process, the instrument, the use of materials and so on.


During the entry interview with the Academia Cremonensis responsibles, the candidates are assessed in relation to their working capacity, correctness, seriousness, conduct, reliability and motivation to do the course work.

The candidate who passes the interview is admitted in the course.

The course lasts 200 hours, divided in 8 weeks, 4 days a week, 4/8 hours a day. Lessons are from Monday to Thursday, H. 10 a.m.-2 p.m and 5-9 p.m.


Applicant must be adult.

A great respect for each others activity, tools and creations is essential. Punctuality is also mandatory.

For foreigners, possession of an appropriate residence permit is a prerequisite for attending the course. To those who still not have it at the time of enrolment, the school provides an invitation letter to be presented to the Italian Embassy in the country of origin, along with the other required documents, for visa to study.


The course has a total cost of € 3.635,60 (€ 2.980 + 22% tax).

Students practice 4/8 hours of laboratory a day, 4 days a week, 4 weeks a month.

The candidate who passes the entry interview, when enrolling must pay an advance of € 1.000 (€ 819,67+ 22% tax) in order to initiate the process of registration.

The balance of € 2.635,60 (tax included) must be paid before the course starts.

The fee covers the admission fees and the cost of the course. Room and board are excluded.


To attend the course, which will be held in Madrd, students must complete the domanda di preiscrizione-ING and send it to


The Academia Cremonensis accepts total or partial payment of the fees through scholarships give by private or public foundations or institutions.


The guitar made by the student will be his own property.


Students enrolled in the Complete Course of Spanish Guitar Making are offered the opportunity to obtain the Luthier Competence, given by the Lombardia Region and valuable in all the UE.

In order to obtain it students must enrol in an intensive course of 10 days (two weeks, Saturdays and Sundays excluded) which leads them to the final exam.

The total cost, which covers the course and the exam, is € 1.700 (+22% tax).