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The Academia Cremonensis is in the centre of Cremona, via Platina 66.AcademiaMaps

Cremona is in Italy, in the middle of the Po Plane.

It is accessible from the airports of:

– Milano – Linate Airport (92.9 km)

– Milano – Malpensa Airport (148 km)

– Bergamo – Orio al Serio Airport (98.6 km)

– Brescia – Montichiari Airport (61.2 km)

– Parma – Verdi Airport (67.7 km)

– Bologna – Marconi Airport (151 km)

– Verona – Villafranca Airport (104 km)

– Venezia – Marco Polo Airport (239 km)

– Forlì Airport (229 km)

– Lugano – Agno Airport (178 km)

connected with Cremona through the motorway and rail networks.

Furthermore it is 66.4 km and 73.3 km from Mantova and 73.3 Km from Lake Garda.


Cremona and the art of lutherie

Cremona, city of art and of music, homeland of illustrious musicians and composers,
such as Claudio Monteverdi and Amilcare Ponchielli, has always been considered the world capital of the violin. It is above all for the construction of stringed instruments and the great families of violin makers of the past, that the city deserves this title, also recognized by UNESCO as of December 2012, which decreed that traditional violin craftsmanship in Cremona deserved inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Continue