Opportunity for gradutated in violin making


The Società Cooperativa Academia Cremonensis, carrying out its educational aims, which lead its students to obtain a specialization in the Lutherie classical Cremonese Method, internal mould, called Simone Fernando Sacconi, and lead them to become professionals and to insert in the international business market,


up to a maximum of three people, graduated full marks from a lutherie school, and examined by the Academia Masters, the opportunity to attend for free its one-year course of violin making – during which a whole quartet is built – or one of the other proposed courses (varnishing or bow making) with a scholarship by the Lucchi Foundation.

The appliers can contact the Academia Cremonensis offices: tel. +39 0372 808970, segreteria@academiacremonensis.it
The Academia Cremonensis board                   The Lucchi Foundation