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The Academia Cremonensis is a cultural meeting place according to the original meaning of the word “academia”. It is a co-operative society, which affords each member the opportunity to practice violin and bow making, according to the guidelines of the great violin maker Simone Fernando Sacconi and bow maker Giovanni Lucchi.

Our Philosophy

20140609SpotAcademia007 The first objective of the Academia is to hand down the art of violin and bow making, the passion for craftsmanship and for the high quality of the hand-built product. The strict interaction between Masters and apprentices is fundamental for learning every secret of the art which gave international fame to Cremona with its its incomparable Masters : Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu’. For this reason the Academia accepts few pupils that work in small learning groups. Besides the Masters, each pupil can rely on a personal tutor-for any inconvenience could arise from his/her activity and on the elder pupils for suggestions and advice. This type of interaction allows the younger pupils to work together and the elder ones to share their knowledge. Pupils’ levels can be readily recognized by the color of their smocks. The Academia Cremonensis doesn’t base its teaching on a Master but on a method : the Sacconi method for stringed instruments and the Lucchi method for bows.
Fundamental, for the Academia, is to keep alive the relationship between the wood selected in the forest and the emotion aroused by a good violin and to enable pupils to become “Keepers of the violin-makers’ secrets”.
Each student has his/her own workbench and his/her activity is documented with a photo-reportage that periodically, with the activation of a special private area dedicated to a student, shows images of students at work and indication of levels achieved on our website.

Violin Making Courses


Varnishing Course


Bow Making Courses


Rehairing Courses


Assembly course of a Violin Kit, model Stradivari

Course concerning the process of closing the violin body according to the traditional Cremonese Method

 Experiential course of classic guitar making

More info: segreteria@academiacremonensis.it