The Cremonese violin internal mould



The mould of the violin is always the starting point for the construction of a professional instrument, and in many cases each luthier builds his own mould using as a model lines of the best violins of the past by adapting it to their own needs of measurements and shape.

In 2006 we created, with the collaboration of some technicians in Cremona, the first symmetrical mould inspired by one of Stradivari’s most renowned instruments: the violin Messiah of 1716 (right in the picture © Pruneau); we reviewed the original lines, maintaining the relative dimensions, we created an ideal symmetrical pattern to create the model of an acoustic body measuring 35.5 cm.20171017_142623_resized

We subsequently redesigned the sound holes adapting them to the arching, the scroll model, scaled with the body, and models of the arching guides of the arching of top and back, also these different from the original to meet the taste of the modern luthiers.

For the mould we chose to use sheets of plywood 15 mm of high quality birch made in Russia with phenolic glue to withstand moisture, inside the mould we designed the holes that allow to use many clamps to follow the contour of the ribs and to keep the track of the centerline. In this new version of the mould we have also cut housings for the blocks.

20171017_142516_resizedFor models of the back, the scroll and the blocks, like for the one of the arching we used a high-strength rigid black laminate material, 100 % Made in Italy which guarantees a long life even using them frequently.

The f-holes pattern is cut into a high-density transparent polycarbonate, which although very elastic, allow the luthier to file it to edit and customize this very important element of the violin.

The kit also includes a short history of the author of the violin and a small illustrated user manual.20171017_142327_resized20171017_142353_resized

The whole production is strictly carried out  in Cremona, where expert technical luthiers monitor the quality and ensure the accuracy of each element of the kit.

The available moulds are: A. Stradivari 1715 “Cremonese”, A. Stradivari 1716 “Messiah”, G. Guarneri del Gesù 1733 “Kreisler” and G. Guarner del Gesù 1743 “Cannone”.

The cost for each mould kit is € 115+ 22% VAT
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