Shintaro Onuma – Reasons of my application


“I started interesting to lutherie because a collegue of mine was building violins for hobby.

Five years ago (in 2010) I visited with him the strings fair in Tokyo. In the fair I met a Japanese craftman who studied violin making in Italy and, back to Japan, he started making violins. Since that time I’ve started desiring learning violin making, and I started interesting more and more to it.

I’d like to study lutherie in Cremona because I think it’s the best place where to learn it.

Last year I made a violin under the direction of a Japanese violin maker. He also studied violin making in Cremona and he always speaks very well about it.

Some months ago I came to Cremona where I visited two workshops, Master Bissolotti’s and Master Morassi’s. After that visit I decided to enrol to the Academia Cremonensis, where I could learn the only subjects needed to build violins, without following the typical subjects of a secondary school. And this, considered my age, is perfect”.

Shintaro Onuma