Optional violin and viola course


reserved exclusively for the Academia Cremonensis students
by the violist Akiko Yatani,

in 2012 first Japanese musician member of the Jury of the 13th Concorso Triennale Internazionale degli Strumenti ad Arco “Antonio Stradivari” di Cremona


The course, reserved exclusively for the Academia Cremonensis students, contributes to enrich the artistic and professional appearance of the master violin and bow maker.
It’s held by the Japanese violist of exception Akiko Yatani, third generation of a musicians family, who played for five years in the great Toscanini Orchestra and now, as a solo artist, she plays in the theatres of Tokyo, Taiwan and Europe.
Lessons are individual and scheduled in the morning, and they last 45-60 minutes each. They are repeated three times in a month, for a suggested time of 9 months at least.
Prices start from € 90 (three lessons of 45 minutes each), and are agreed with the teacher, according to each student’s skills and vocational expectations.
Applicants are requested to contact the Academia Cremonensis offices in order to make an appointment with the teacher.

Academia Cremonensis
tel. +39 0372 808970
e-mail: segreteria@academiacremonensis.it