The Academia


The ‘Academia Cremonensis’ of Cremona is founded by an expert luthier, a very well known family of bow makerscorridoiosala and by an entrepreneur conquered by the art of Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu’.

The Academia Cremonensis is a violin and bow making school, where students can learn violin and bow making, but it’s also a museum where to participate in explanations about materials, tools and building methods: the traditional cremonese method, called Sacconi, for the strings, and the Lucchi Method for the bows.

Situated in the splendid and noble Mina Bolzesi palace, in the center of Cremona, the Academia has the objective of setting forth the continuation of the historical Cremonese tradition of lutherie within the confines of a workshop where one can live the secrets of the Grand Masters of the past. The Academia conveys the peculiarity of this craft by way of the construction of instruments and bows according to the guidelines set forth by the works of Masters such as Giovanni Lucchi for bows and Simone Fernando Sacconi for violins.


Their studies and intuitions represent a real reference point, based on their experiences and deep knowledge of past Master bow makers and luthiers who have shined their light on this art.

Thanks to a personal, shared rapport, the Academia strives to enrich the artistic and professional appearance of the master bow and violin maker, highlighting the talents of both and supplying the necessary competence necessary to become an expert in his or her sector by way of theoretical and practical knowledge thus ensuring future success.

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